Our Team

Barun Shaw

Chief Business Officer

I am a professional intuitive, psychic tarot card reader with 13 + years of experience. I currently work independently as reiki healer, psychic, astrologist and spiritual life coach. I have helped many people heal from traumas and release energetic blockages in their lives.

I am a trained and well-versed Tarot card Reader and have knowledge, psychic reading, life coaching, dream analysis, telepathy analysis, palmistry, and numerology. I have been involved in practice and research on Tarot Reading since 2006. I have the inquisitiveness to demystify the human mind and future. I possess uncanny abilities to read human minds and psyche to know the problems/issues in their lives. I always prefer to go into the deeper details and find out the problem in an individual’s life by applying intuitive wisdom. My forte is relationship/compatibility analysis, match making, and career related matters. I do feel Tarot Reading is a wonderful medium through which I can get deeper into any problem of human lives and connect with them. Once I have distinguished the problem, I can guide you accordingly. Higher spirit is a guiding force for all of us who want to unravel the hidden talent that we possess. This is an age-old divine science which I utilize to make your lives better and meaningful. I want to be your friend, healer, and guide. I specialize in the following areas: Match making/ lovers compatibility analysis (LGBTQ+ friendly) Career/profession related matter. Financial success and prosperity. Twin-flame analysis. Educational matter. Horoscope analysis. Dream interpretation/analysis Spiritual counselling Passion Personality Sibling Compatibility Sexual Soulmates Business Partner Compatibility Colleague Compatibility

Working with Various Organization like Microsoft, Cushman Wakefield, Caterpillar, AECOM, Philips, Infosys, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Capgemini, M/S Universal Enterprise, Cauldon College, Arvensys, Tax point Accounting, Federal Government, American defence, Healthcare, Agri Foods, Indusind Bank, Strategy Ops, Real estate, Infrastructure, Australia Tax office, Big 4 organization, education industry many more and various start up,

I am an accomplished, strategic leader more than 13 years Director Leadership role - driving financial & business principle along profitability, maximizing operational efficiency, bottom-line 'unity' define us to accomplish the task together and providing leadership and vision for continuous growth. I am focused with expertise leading financial operations, strategy initiatives, business administration and functions for both multi-trillion dollar, CEO Office, operations and small, entrepreneurial start-ups. Manage team across the globe APAC,EMEA, USA, Canada.. and travelled different cities and country to accomplish the organization goal.

Provide recommendations for senior finance leadership-designing and implementing improvement and controls. Collaborating across multi-functional teams, quantitative analytical. margin optimisation, acuity, ensuring balance of risk, drive the standard

financial management seamlessly integrates finance and operations to develop a comprehensive business strategy that promotes strategic thinker, innovation, improvement, growth and efficiency resulted decisions grow the business in a sustainable manner. Passionate about constantly challenging assumptions, building strategy, embracing and managing change.


⇨ Sound business strategy, financial modelling acumen, and operational process improvement keen business acumen, acuity & partnering

⇨ Drive all aspects of portfolio management, financial reporting for ensuring that all business plans are aligned with broader strategic

⇨ Drafted and implemented an improved management system, resulting in streamlined operations and Robust financial management and control platform across that would support the business growth plans.

⇨ Overhauled accounting and information systems company-wide, reducing reporting time while increasing functionality. To oversee and provide insight to business leaders in operations including areas such as financial control, financial and management accounting, planning etc. Oversee the financial strategic planning AOP of the company. Stages of M&A from BD to complex financial models.

⇨ Aligns to M&A target. Presentation of management reporting Comment effectively in regards to business risks and opportunities

⇨ Finance Strategy & Vision for Finance Function like effectiveness to greatness : Finance Transformation: Emerging Areas :

⇨ Strategic and Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial & Accounting, Management Reporting, P&L mgmt, Cash Flow, Pricing, M&A.

⇨ Budgets, Forecasts and Financial Planning

⇨ Operational Improvement Initiatives⇨Leading Collaborative and Across all- Functional & Diverse Operations Teams various regions ⇨IT Management

⇨ Cost Management ⇨Improving Risk Management

Chief Business Officer

Astrology or spiritual or Occult Science

My journey as started with my own self-realization practising raj yoga meditation 16 years . I have since then dedicated myself to help ancient studies and realize their true selves. As a visionary and a lifelong aspects. I teach as well do consultation having large set of faculty across the globe Modules along with my faculty like Vedic, Vastu Shastra, Feng Sui, Numerology, Tarot Card, yoga many more. I firmly believe that we all have the power to attain anything we wish for in the world, and that our planetary positions can act as catalysts to help us achieve our goals. Now Collaborating with all astrologers across globe. Please reach me or my team to collaborate for franchise model. I lived in different city in India like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore (Silicon Valley), Kolkata, Delhi and travelled many places within India, Lived Europe, UK, London, Ireland and travelled different part of the world. Manage team across the globe APAC,EMEA, USA, Canada.. and travelled different cities and country to accomplish the organization goal. Currently Living Australia, leveraging people to connect through us village to village, city to city, country to country in one word any corner of the planet earth.

Same time collaborating with various top leaders like Tony Tobbins, Jt Fox, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy Motivational speaker, helping them to organizing self help development event or workshop (likeNLP, Law of attraction) across globe.