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Sometimes when things align perfectly with your expectations you become suspicious and distance yourself from them in order to avoid disappointment and heartbreak. It is possible that energy is aligning to deliver to you what you have always wanted. After waiting for so long these things might now seem impossible to you. But the possibilities are now all tilting in your favor.


Your ability to learn and retain information will be greatly heightened this week. Now is the time to delve deeper into something you've always been interested in. Whether it is acquiring a new skill or perfecting an old one, do not let this opportunity go to waste. You will find these skills to be very useful in the near future.


You have the ability to inspire loyalty and admiration from everyone who encounters you. Lately, you may be doubting your abilities and feeling neglected or ignored by the people you have done so much for. Reciprocation and appreciation comes at its own time and when it counts. Instead of looking for grand gestures see the hidden small daily gestures that show you just how much you are loved and adored.


Recently you might feel like your trustworthiness has diminished in the eyes of others. Usually you are consistent and reliable but personal problems might have prevented you from being as present and involved as you would like to be. You can make up for your lost credibility at an upcoming event. You have always been a source of dependability and soon you will restore that faith in others.


You have been craving peace and tranquility but it seems impossible to achieve with all that is happening around you. It seems like you are being pulled in several directions by family, friends, colleagues and new acquaintances. You might think the answer is to get some distance and retreat into solitude. Hold on a little longer, there is an opportunity hidden among those you encounter.


You are a pillar of support for your loved ones, and there is no reason to doubt whether it is appreciated. You have always provided comfort and stability to any home. Keep doing what you are doing and never doubt yourself. Keep faith and all will be well.


Don't let emotions and moodiness distract you from appreciating your own worthiness. Life has its challenges, but what makes the difference is your attitude towards it. When everything feels hopeless only you can bring back hope and optimism. There is still a long road ahead so be sure to be aware of your mindset going into it.


You are known for your patience and resilience. No matter the amount of obstacles in your way, you always find a way to overcome them. You might think revealing your fears and concerns will put you in a position of weakness In reality you might be able to gain valuable insight from exposing your worries and asking for help.


You have always been admired and envied by others but this month you might be feeling some jealousy towards someone you never expected to be in competition with. Another person's success will never diminish your own and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will be at peace with yourself and with them. You have always been brilliant and competitive but be careful not to enter a one-sided competition.


Your natural intelligence, hard work, rational thinking, and problem-solving abilities will assure success in whatever you do. But don't neglect the feelings that guide you along the way. Feelings add color to success. Your intuition compliments your practicality.


Let the heart rule over the mind this week. Open yourself to the world awaiting beyond your comfort zone. There is much to explore and experience out there. While it is good to be practical, sometimes emotions can guide you greater riches.


Be cautious of your stubborn ways, principles and approaches to life decisions. You might be convinced your way is the best way for you but you may be wrong. Try to keep an open mind to life decisions and approaches, your inflexibility might lead you to more loss than you expected. You have always depended on yourself but that doesn't mean you are always right.